Our vision:

a world of securely connected sensors and devices, using open standards

Over the last few decades, we have seen an incredible rise in the flow of information by connecting people to the internet.

Over the next few decades there is going to be a huge revolution in control and automation as we connect devices and sensors all over the world. Many people talk of a ‘fourth industrial revolution’ with hundreds of billions of connected sensors.

This revolution should touch every part of the world, no matter which country, or how remote that place is, and with freely available low-cost and secure sensors, so we can put technology to work to solve a huge array of problems.

There is a rapidly growing opportunity for small, low-cost, battery-powered sensors that are very simple to use.

Lacuna Sensor

Our technology

Tiny Sensors

Battery powered

Wireless connection


LPWAN network


Satellite connection


Based on a network protocol called LoRaWAN®

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UK Space Agency
EESA Business incubation centre UK

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